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Step into our dance studios in Maryland. Embrace your inner dancer, let loose and enjoy the rhythm. Suited for all ages and levels, we offer a wide range of classes. Under the guidance of our professional instructors, we provide engaging and fun dance education in a supportive and rewarding environment. Stars Studio will be your second home.

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Our Dance Studio’s Purpose

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a dancer? Stars Studio, one of the best dance studios in Maryland, offers a range of classes for beginners and experienced dancers. Suited for all ages, and under the guidance of our professional team of instructors, we provide the perfect setting for students to embrace their love for dance and reach their full potential.

At our dance studios in Maryland, we believe that dance is more than just a hobby. So our fun and engaging classes provide a supportive environment to foster self-expression and creativity from the get go. From ballet to tap dancing and jazz, our classes focus on technique, musicality, and performance skills, and they prepare students for auditions, competitions, and future dance careers.

We encourage you to join our dance family and let our team inspire and motivate you every step of the way — let your dance journey start here today!

Our Classes

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Ballet classes

We blend the elegance of ballet with fun-filled learning to offer quality education. At our dance studios in Maryland, you will find the ballet experience that best suits your needs. Whether you’re just starting your ballet journey or looking to enhance your technique, our friendly instructors will guide you through every step. Take a chance to thrive and perfect your dance moves in an encouraging environment!


Jazz classes

Our vibrant Jazz classes will surely keep you on your toes! They are designed to get your body moving to the rhythm in no time. Led by our enthusiastic instructors, you will learn the moves, the technique, and the choreography. We are sure you will be able to fully express yourself through this dynamic dance, and that our classes at our dance studios in Maryland will be the perfect fit for you!


tap classes

 Exercises both the body and the mind, promoting coordination, musicality, and rhythm. Learn the fundamental steps of tap dancing and get acquainted with its captivating melody in our dance studios in Maryland. With the guidance of our instructors, you will be able to create routines and improve coordination to master this beautiful dance technique. Get ready to make new friends and tap away with your dancing shoes.

Uncover Your Passion for Dance in Maryland

At Stars Dance Studio, we believe in the passion of our students, and we strive to encourage them to follow and achieve their dreams. Our classes aim to go beyond teaching technique and choreography, as we strongly believe in the power of music and movement to foster creativity and confidence

In an inclusive environment, students of all levels will be able to make friends and enjoy the many benefits that dancing has to offer. 

  • Get moving. Develop and tone the muscles of your body to the sound of the beat. Increase flexibility overtime, and discover what your body is capable of. Enjoy this immersive experience, as you notice your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills also improving.
  • Teamwork and active participation. Dance classes encourage collaboration with others, and so you will be able to create long-lasting friendships as you take part in dynamic and fun choreographies.
  • Challenge yourself. Dance your way out of your comfort zone, and improve your self-expression by letting your emotions take the lead, strengthening both your personal connection and those with others. Embrace the joy and unleash your mind to explore and experiment with diverse rhythms.

Voices of Our Dancing Community

We are incredibly proud of the students that are part of our dance family, and the strong bonds and memories we have created since 2008. As one of the best dance studios in Maryland, we strive to make dancing an enjoyable, fun and rewarding experience for everyone that decides to trust us and join us. But, don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some students and parents have to say about us:

"Truly a top notch professionally run dance studio. The recitals are always so entertaining and a highlight of the year. My daughter started Stars at 4 and is currently a Sophomore in HS. Ms. Jolene, the studio director, is the sweetest lady. It’s a great dance studio!."
piano institute lecturer 3 - Stars Studio
Pamela Dawkins
"My daughter attending this studio last year. They are really good with children of all ages. They teach proper technique and are very informative. Sadly we had to change studios this year due to our schedule conflicting with class times. I highly ecommend !"
pexels spencer selover 428328 - Stars Studio
Colin Andrew
Very blessed to have danced at Stars since I was 3. Not only did my dance ability grow at this studio but so had my confidence. I was even granted the opportunity to be an instructor there. Miss dancing with my faves so much, hopefully I can come back to teach some more.
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Jyomalia Lambe

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Frequently Asked questions

Are you ready to begin your dance journey? Registering for our dance classes is simple and easy! Just head over to the Enroll Today section of this website and fill in the registration form.

Stars Studio believes that the passion for dancing has no age limit, so it offers a wide variety of classes to accommodate dancers of all ages. You can check all the available offers in the Regular Season section of our website.

Not at all! At our dance studios in Maryland, we believe that both beginner and seasoned dancers should be given the opportunity to learn and improve. We foster inclusivity in an enjoyable environment where you can practice self-expression. Check our dance attire requirements when filling the registration form. 

We understand the importance of convenience when it comes to starting your dance journey, that is why we offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Check out our class timetable on the Regular Season section of this website to find the class that works for you. 

Absolutely! Dance is for all ages, and so Stars Studio offers a wide variety of classes you can choose from to get your dance journey started. Check the Regular Season section on our website for further information about the classes of our dance studios in Maryland.