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Dive into the Ballet World with Us

Begin your dance journey with Stars Studio, your top choice for comprehensive ballet classes in Maryland. Our practical and supportive approach, combined with expert instruction, ensures a strong foundation for aspiring dancers. You can trust us to ease the path towards realizing your dance aspirations.
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Stars Studio’s Purpose

Dreaming of a ballet career? Explore the world of dance at Stars Studio, a leading ballet studio in Maryland. Our classes are catered to all levels and guided by a professional team of instructors. We focus on creating an ideal environment for aspiring dancers of any age to flourish.

At Stars Studio, we understand that dance is more than a hobby. Our engaging classes foster self-expression and creativity, focusing on honing ballet competencies and more. Emphasizing technique, musicality, and performance skills, we prepare students for auditions, competitions, and future ballet careers.

Join our dance family at Stars Studio, where our team inspires and motivates you every step of the way. Start your ballet journey here today!

Our Tailored Ballet Classes in Maryland

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Core Dance Classes

Explore tailored ballet classes at Stars Studio. Our core ballet curriculum offers age-appropriate training, designed for aspiring dancers aged 3 to 16+. Additionally, you can take Lyrical ballet and Pointe classes for a well-rounded dance education. Enjoy a blend of elegance with fun-filled learning.

Young ballerinas in their ballet classes in Maryland.

Technique Classes

With Stars Studio’s technique classes, you will refine your movements. With specialized training, aspiring dancers master precise ballet artistry. Besides, our expert team integrates stretching technique classes. This helps dancers enhance flexibility and overall body agility for a polished dance expression.

Exhibition of lessons learned in Star Studios' ballet classes in Maryland.

Competition Training

Stars Studio offers comprehensive training for ballet competitions. Our expert instructors guide dancers in refining techniques to meet competition standards. Aspiring and experienced ballet dancers will access a meticulously designed routine for tailored training. Trust us in setting the foundation for success in dance competitions.

Uncover Your Passion for Ballet Classes in Maryland

Experience the world of ballet classes in Maryland at Stars Studio. We’re dedicated to nurturing your passion and helping you achieve your dance dreams. Our classes transcend technique and choreography. We emphasize the transformative power of music and movement to enhance creativity and confidence.

In our inclusive ballet environment, students of all levels forge friendships and enjoy the myriad benefits of dance

Move gracefully to the beat
Move gracefully to the beat:

Strengthen and sculpt your muscles with the rhythm, enhancing flexibility over time. Explore your body’s capabilities in this immersive experience, witnessing improvements in hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Foster teamwork and active participation:

In dance classes, collaboration thrives. Forge lasting friendships through our dynamic choreographies. Join us to share the joy of movement and build connections that go beyond the dance floor.

Challenge yourself:
Challenge yourself:

Dance beyond your comfort zone! Enhance self-expression as emotions guide your movements. Strengthen personal connections and forge bonds with others while unleashing your mind to explore and experiment with diverse rhythms.

What Our Dancers Say About US

Since 2008, we have taken pride in our dance family’s achievements and the lasting bonds we’ve forged. As a top Maryland dance studio, we’re dedicated to making dancing enjoyable, fun, and rewarding for everyone who chooses to trust and join us. But, don’t just take our word for it – hear from some of our students and parents.

"Truly a top notch professionally run dance studio. The recitals are always so entertaining and a highlight of the year. My daughter started Stars at 4 and is currently a Sophomore in HS. Ms. Jolene, the studio director, is the sweetest lady. It’s a great dance studio!."
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Pamela Dawkins
"My daughter attending this studio last year. They are really good with children of all ages. They teach proper technique and are very informative. Sadly we had to change studios this year due to our schedule conflicting with class times. I highly ecommend !"
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Colin Andrew
Very blessed to have danced at Stars since I was 3. Not only did my dance ability grow at this studio but so had my confidence. I was even granted the opportunity to be an instructor there. Miss dancing with my faves so much, hopefully I can come back to teach some more.
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Jyomalia Lambe

Visit Our Maryland Dance Studio

Come explore our physical premises at Stars Studio and unleash your dance moves with fellow dancers. You can find us at:

8510 Corridor Rd suite 100, Savage, MD 20763, United States
+1 301-604-7827

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have carefully reviewed our regular classes and the studio calendar, you just need to go over the Enroll Today section and fill out the registration form. Read meticulously every field so that you don’t miss any detail.

At Stars Studio, the passion for dancing has no age limit. Therefore, we offer a wide array of classes catered to dancers of all ages. Check the classes tailored to all ages in the Regular Season section of our website and pick the one that best suits you!

Recognizing the significance of convenience in initiating your dance journey, we provide a range of options for you to explore. Visit the Regular Season section of our website to browse the class timetable and discover the perfect class for your schedule. 

Absolutely not! At Stars Studio, we believe in providing opportunities for both beginners and seasoned dancers to learn and progress. We cultivate inclusivity in an enjoyable environment that encourages self-expression. Please review our dance attire requirements when completing the registration form. 

Certainly! Dance knows no age limits, and at Stars Studio, we provide a diverse range of classes to kick-start your dance journey. Explore further details in the Regular Season section on our website.